Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Anxiety can have a debilitating impact on our whole lives and if left untreated can have detrimental effects on our health and mental wellbeing.  Our bodies are programmed with a flight or fight reaction to protect us from possible danger. Unfortunately if we are in a state of anxiety for long periods of time it sends a message to the autonomic nervous system telling it that something awful is going to happen. This is where Hypnotherapy can play a great part in helping the mind and body to relax and gain back some control over these processes. Relaxing the muscles, and controlling the breathing.

Us human beings are complex creatures but the one thing we all have in common is we were born with only 2 fears: the fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. Now this means that the fears and anxieties we are currently living with have come through a learnt behaviour.

How fantastic is that! This means that our fear was due to the way WE processed the information, how we think about that scenario, how we play it out in our heads. This also means we can change the story we tell ourselves and replace it with a whole new one that benefits US.

It took minutes or even seconds for you to associate an outside stimulus (such as a dog growling) with a feeling of sheer panic, fear, terror or anxiety. With the right use of therapies, it IS possible to eliminate the associated emotion so we no longer live with fear.

So are you ready to feel –

Freedom from anxious thoughts?

Ability to function in social situations?

Control over upcoming events that may normally cause panic?

Increased daily levels of relaxation?

Reduced feelings of overwhelm?

Improved quality of sleep?

Better relationships with family & friends?


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